Using FPTraffic To Grow Facebook Fan Pages And Increase Traffic

One of the essential tools we use to manage our various niche Facebook fan pages, is FPTraffic. We’ve been using FPTraffic for nearly 2 years now, and here’s why we think it offers great value at a low cost.

Discover how using FPTraffic to manage and grow your Facebook niche fan pages can earn you passive income online.

Using FPTraffic To Grow Niche Fan Pages

Having a portfolio of niche Facebook fanpages can be a great asset. You can earn money directly from them through affiliates such as Amazon, and also send traffic to your site. Once you have over 5 pages though, things can get a little time-consuming. If only there was some sort of tool to automatically schedule facebook posts.

Well, there is. More or less. And it’s called FPTraffic.


We’ve been using FPTraffic for nearly two years now, and it’s essential in finding and scheduling unique content to our Facebook pages.

FPTraffic Is Great Value

Let’s start with the good bit. It’s $10 a month. Now, keep that in mind, because once you work out how much time this tool will save, you will realise just how cheap this is!

With FPTraffic, you can manage hundreds of facebook niche fan pages. We are already on two dozen, and it works like a dream. It is a fast and easy scheduling tool, which enables you to set a timetable, and schedule content to be posted on a regular basis.

Using FPTraffic to schedule posts on facebook

The great thing about using FPTraffic though, is that you can use the tool to find unique images to post. How is this helpful? Let’s give an example.

Using FPTraffic for placing affiliate links on Facebook niche pages.

Suppose you have a Facebook niche fanpage dedicated to fishing. You can use the included tools to search Bing and Tumblr for relevant images, and automatically schedule them. The time saving on this is incredible. We have gone from spending two hours a month on each page we manage, down to literally 5 minutes a page.!

Now of course there are tonnes of other things included when using FPTraffic, but put simply, you can –

  1. Set up a regular posting schedule
  2. Find images to post online
  3. Find videos to post
  4. Schedule amazon products with your affiliate link embedded
  5. Set it and forget it

Interested in finding out more about using FPTraffic? Check it out here today! >> FPTraffic.

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